39 Signs You’re Dating an Entrepreneur

You may suspect it, but now you’ll know for sure-are you dating an entrepreneur?

  1. They have more social media friends than you and your family members combined.
  2. They have a five-step plan for introducing themselves to your parents.
  3. They have a pros and cons list for every restaurant you frequently dine at.
  4. They’re obsessed with obstacle races like Tough Mudder and Spartan Race, always looking to challenge themselves and embrace obstacles (both metaphorical and literal).
  5. They are unconventional learners-many entrepreneurs are self-taught, some are college dropouts or never attended higher ed.
  6. They consider Panera Bread their “home office” and are on a first name basis with the baristas at Starbucks.
  7. They like to be in control-many entrepreneurs thrive on self-employment and love being their own boss.
  8. They’re always seeing ways to improve the world around them.
  9. They have a laundry list of exs that didn’t last long-entrepreneurs like to fail often and fail fast.
  10. They are incredibly optimistic-they see the silver lining in every cloud.
  11. The box office manager may say the concert is sold out, but that won’t stop your significant other from trying their best to get tickets, be it from a Facebook post, Craigslist ad, or even scalpers if necessary. Entrepreneurs never give up!
  12. They will disappear for days at a time. Entrepreneurs often get engrossed in work and may vanish when obsessed with a project. Don’t fear, they’ll return… eventually.
  13. They hate commutes, public transportation, and anything else they deem a waste of time. Time is a valuable commodity for most entrepreneurs.
  14. You go from date night cooking classes, to couples’ massage, to tango lessons. Entrepreneurs are high energy and always learning something new.
  15. You need to help them pick out a tux for your friend’s wedding. Entrepreneurs are accustomed to a relaxed wardrobe-t-shirts and hoodies are common garb. You may need to remind them that not all occasions invite Converse footwear.
  16. They’re always taking you to sports games or special events they were given tickets to. Entrepreneurs tend to have friends in the know who are great at gifting.
  17. Your SO’s Netflix instant queue contains movies like The Social Network, Jobs, and Something Ventured.
  18. They have the Freakanomics podcast streaming on their smartphone almost 24/7.
  19. Your SO is a workaholic-and not the kind on Comedy Central-the real kind!
  20. They order takeout via apps like Gubhub and Seamless-entrepreneurs take advantage of online features and ease of accessibility.
  21. Your SO is monitoring their sleep with Fitbit, answering messages with Galaxy Gear, or recording video with Google Glass. Entrepreneurs tend to be tech savvy individuals who make use of the latest gadgets.
  22. They have a huge collection of Kickstarter backer gifts.
  23. They’re always trying to beat their Candy Crush high score. Entrepreneurs are insanely competitive, even with themselves.
  24. The minute they enter your house, they’re looking for the power outlet to plug in their smartphone, and it takes the jaws of life to pry them away from their tech.
  25. You find them drawing up business models in the middle of the night.
  26. They have intricate theories on who will rule the iron throne-entrepreneurs are fascinated by power and control, not unlike the mightiest residents of Westeros.
  27. Their phone is constantly beeping with notifications from Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook
  28. They get you excited! Entrepreneurs have passion and energy that rubs off on those around them.
  29. When you visit a brewery they’ll spend 20 minutes explaining to brew master why they prefer IPAs over Porters. Entrepreneurs aren’t shy about their opinions.
  30. They know the quickest, most direct route from their house to yours, utilizing back roads even your GPS doesn’t know. Entrepreneurs know how to find and capitalize on loopholes. They’re always looking to beat the system.
  31. They have a handful of parking tickets stashed in their glove box. Entrepreneurs tend to have problems with authority.
  32. They take you to matinee movies to save money (and forget stopping at the concession stand-you better bring your own popcorn and Raisinets). Entrepreneurs aren’t rolling in the dough financially, or at least not in the beginning.
  33. They were the first (and maybe are still the only) of your friends on Google .
  34. You’ll find them asleep in strange places. They often work weird hours, so you can find them crashing at all times of the day on sofas, armchairs, hammocks, even park benches. No, they aren’t homeless-they’re just entrepreneurs.
  35. They send you Google Calendar reminders for date nights.
  36. They’ll take you out for a beer to celebrate a new client, and then out for another beer when the client leaves.
  37. They like reciting inspirational quotes by Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to anyone who will listen.
  38. They’re utterly charming-entrepreneurs are energetic, invigorating individuals you can’ t help but love.
  39. Some people call them crazy, other people call them geniuses. To you, they’re probably somewhere in between.

So.. are you dating one of them?, or maybe you’re the Entrepreneur.

This post was originally published on Inc.com.

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